Phase Wars is a new real-time action PVP arena game. Featuring different features from a list of genres including FPS and MMORPG. Mass Customization, Character Progression, Social systems, Extensive Stat Tracking, Clans, and Tournament Modes will be some of the prime features of Phase Wars. Phase Wars is all about multiplayer arcade combat that anyone can play, and some will master. Phase Wars will be available on PC, iOS, and ANDROID.

Phase Wars Universe

Phase Wars takes place in a future world called Gliese where a war has raged on for hundreds of years. Humans colonized Gliese as a way to expand into the universe and explore a new world. After 500 years of flourished life on Gliese the humans were attacked. Phase Wars takes place 300 years after the initial battle when the Fengrin came home and fought for what was rightfully theirs.

Once a beautiful place the world has now turned grey and only patches of vegetation exist in certain areas. The Fengrin came in the night and tore open the skies destroying any and all that stood in their way. The portals that were opened by the Fengrin are portals named “Phases”. Not much is known of the Fengrin other than they are an ugly being that has no place within humanity. A once prominent single group of people that ruled the world together in peace has now been split into different groups because of the Great Phase War. The groups are now signified by their specific cultures. As the days drag on there seems to be nothing left to hold onto.

The World Today

All groups of people were once a unified people, but split up soon after the beginning of the war. The Fengrin have marked their place and seem to not have any need to leave. With the presence of the Fengrin the war rages on, even between humans. It has been over 300 years and now there is not much left to call our own. We have nothing left and fight and hoard anything we can hold onto. The great weapons that once were abundant have disappeared and all that seems to be left is scraps, trinkets, and the trash of the past. We arm ourselves with what we can swing, what we can hold, and what is not taken from us. As humans there is nothing we can do but press forward, fight, and pray to the gods who have forsaken us.

Skill System

There will be many different abilities, perks, and power-ups to upgrade your character for different play styles within multiple load outs. A player will be able to have three abilities at any time in their load out. They will be able to be used on the run during game. The player will have the capability of setting the abilities however they want to adjust to the game mode chosen before each game. At launch there will be three different skill trees with over 10 abilities in each. The three different trees will be Offensive, Defensive, and Utility. Every level a player attains will grant skill points, as well as, gear or other items. All abilities on the skill tree will be available right at the beginning of the game, only the skill points to unlock them will be necessary. This means a player can save points and unlock the most devastating abilities soon as they please. This is good if you want power, but as is assumed the most devastating also comes with the longest cool down and the chance that you will be countered.


In Phase Wars you will take control of a player in the Phase Wars universe. Much like an RPG, you will level your character and unlock skill trees, weapons, and armor. In Phase Wars it’s all about strategic use of your character’s abilities and when it is the proper time to utilize them.

Character Creation

Phase Wars will allow for character creation with the ability of changing face, hair, torso, and gender to suite how the player would like their character to appear. We want to allow each player to create their personal character how they please and have a connection with them.

Game Modes

We love game modes do you? If you like having a large variety of game modes, congratulations, so do we! Different game modes included at launch will be Team Death Match, Free for All, Capture the Flag, Hold the Inhibitor, and King of the Hill. Each game mode will have its own leaderboard. As the player base grows we will add more game modes for players to enjoy. We want to give players enough game modes to give options, but have to limit the amount at launch to keep matchmaking wait times to a minimum.

But wait we are not done yet. If you watched the video above you may have heard the word “Gauntlet”. With Phase Wars there is the regular game with the basic game play modes and rule sets. In Gauntlet mode it is like weekly tournaments that have their own dedicated leaderboards, prizes, and rule sets. Each week the Gauntlet will reset allowing for players to hop back in and battle for the top of the leaderboards and for the Snazzy Prizes. So do you have that itch to dominate the leaderboards earn impressive titles, badass skins, and the ultimate respect? Better get ready then, it is coming.

Item Stats

 Attack, armor, and haste are the main three stats in the game. The player will be able to modify the value of these stats by unlocking different armors and weapons throughout the game. Each piece of gear will also give an item level. Each item level will affect the players overall item level determining which bracket they do battle in.


  • Bracket 1: Item Level 1-20
  • Bracket 2: Item Level 21-40
  • Bracket 3: Item Level 41-60
  • Bracket 4: Item Level 61-80
  • Bracket 5: Item Level 81-100


  • Weapon Level: 8
  • Chest Armor: 3
  • Shoulder Armor: 2
  • Leg Armor: 5
  • Helmet Armor: 2
  • Total Item Level: 20

When building weapons and armor sets the item level must be attended to in order to keep the bracket that the player would like to maintain.

If the player were to add a level 3 helmet or anything else higher they would be put into Bracket 2.


Customization….. Epic Loot…. Showing Off…. Stats….

Customization….. Epic Loot…. Showing Off…. Stats…. Whether you enjoy the progression of earning armor and building those sets to get the best stats possible, or just want to look like a dreamy hasselhoff, we got you covered. Customization is a great feature that we have enjoyed in any game that has implemented is correctly. We want to allow players to make their character look any way they want. It is post-apocalyptic Gliese, and well we have everything earth has. If you want to dress like a ballerina with a gas mask, a samurai warrior, a ninja, or anything else we are sure that they were in Gliese before the attack so you are able to dress that way. Character customization will be vast and there is the ability to reskin and piece together any armor you can think of. This allows for you to gain the armor with the stats you want through quests, challenges, or in game currency, and then reskin it to how ever you like.

Armor System

Armor works a lot like weapons do and have the same stats added to them. The players main stats will be determined by the armor pieces the character is wearing.  The armor is split into several categories:

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Legs  

Like the weapons, each piece of armor can be reforged to look like other armor while still maintaining the original stats.

Weapons system

The weapons will be fully customizable in the way they look. There is a “reforging” device that technology has produced that allows for weapons to be inserted and given a different look. This means that your amazing weapon will keep its stats, but look anyway that you want. The weapon can transform into anything! It could be a battle-axe, Light sword, fiery mace, tennis racket, frying pan, or maybe even a rubber chicken.

We have been asked in the past though… How do I get armor that no one else has then? There are dedicated armor sets in the game that are unable to be reforged. They are the best of the best and take time to acquire. When you see someone running towards you in one of these armors, it is expected that they are pretty good.